The Episcopal Church Foundation in West Texas is a Texas non-profit corporation that is exempt from federal income tax under Section 501(c)3. It is a charitable religious organization governed by a Board of Directors that includes the Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of West Texas. Its Executive Director and staff manage the Foundation’s daily activities.

The Foundation was created by the Diocese to:

  • Invest and manage funds of the Diocese
  • Be an investment resource to churches and institutions of the Diocese
  • Encourage and promote legacy stewardship within the Diocese

Executive Staff

The Board of Directors

  • Bill Galbreath, Banker
    Christ Church, San Antonio
  • Rt. Rev. David Reed,
    Diocesan Bishop
  • Ed Longcope, Investor
    St. Mark’s, San Marcos
  • Robert McAllen, Retired Vicar
    Epiphany, Raymondville
  • John McClung, Attorney
    St. Mark’s, San Antonio
  • Richard Mosty, Attorney
    St. Peter’s, Kerrville
  • Elizabeth Nisbet, Investor
    Good Shepherd, Corpus Christi
  • Allan Paterson, Retired Attorney
    Christ Church, San Antonio
  • Gregg Robertson, Investor
    Good Shepherd, Corpus Christi
  • Charles Thompson, Jr., Investor
    St. John’s, McAllen

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