Diocesan Foundation Update

Performance of the Diocesan Foundation has been updated for the second quarter. Q2 was a mirror image of Q1, with investment gains in the quarter off-setting the losses incurred in the first quarter.

Investment gains totaled $12.6 million or 15.3%–the best quarterly performance in the Foundation’s history. Total assets at quarter-end were $94.5 million.

Diocesan Foundation Update

First quarter 2020 investment results for the Diocesan Foundation have been posted to its website. The quarter experienced unprecedented volatility and the US stock market recorded one of its worst first quarters ever, with a loss in excess of 20%.

The Foundation’s results were better than most other investment managers, but investment losses totaled $12.5 million or -13.2%. Total assets declined to $82.3 million.

Quarter and Annual Update

Diocesan Foundation results for the fourth quarter and the 2019 year have been posted.

Highlights for 2019:

  • Total assets increased $27.2 million to a new high of $94.5 million
  • Investment gains for the fourth quarter were $4.6 million or 5.8%
  • Investment gains for the year were $13.1 million or 19.1%
  • At year-end, the Foundation had 234 accounts, an increase of 15 accounts during the year

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New Year’s Blessings,

Dan Butt

Q3 2019 Diocesan Foundation Update

Foundation investment results for the September quarter have been posted to its website.

The stock market was difficult during the quarter. While the bond market performed better, the combined result was disappointing with only a modest gain. The Foundation’s investment gain was $244 thousand or 0.3%. Total assets increased slightly to $76.2 million.

Foundation Update

Investment results for the Diocesan Foundation for the fourth quarter and the 2018 year have been posted to its website.

The last quarter of the year was horrible for investors and the Foundation suffered significantly.  While the Foundation outperformed other managers and benchmarks for the quarter and the year, investment losses were recorded for both periods.


Diocesan Foundation Update

The website of the Diocesan Foundation has been updated to include results for the quarter ending March 31, 2018.  The update can be found at www.foundation-dwtx.org.

While the Foundation’s managers outperformed other managers, turbulence in both the stock and bond markets resulted in only modest investment gains of $387 thousand or 0.6%.  The Foundation added two accounts during the quarter and had total assets of $69 million on March 31st.
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