Diocesan Foundation Report

The report of the Diocesan Foundation for the fourth quarter and the 2017 year has been posted to its website.  Some highlights for the year:

  • Investment gains of $9.3 million or 15.5%
  • Total assets of $68.7 million—a new high
  • Eight new accounts for a total of 214 at year-end
  • Portfolio gains ranged from 1.2% for the Capital Maintenance Model to 17.3% for the Growth Model

Quarterly Update

The Diocesan Foundation’s results have been updated through March 31, 2016.

In a tumultuous quarter, the Foundation sustained a slight overall loss of -0.9%.  Two of the investment strategies (model portfolios) achieved modest gains.  Assets at quarter-end totaled $59.3 million and three new accounts were opened during the quarter.

Details are available on the website.

Foundation Update

The report of the Diocesan Foundation for the quarter ending December 31, 2015 has been posted to its website.

Investment markets improved nicely in the quarter and the Foundation benefited from this, achieving an investment gain of $2.1 million or 3.6%.  These strong results were not sufficient to overcome market declines sustained earlier in the year, resulting in a modest loss of $611 thousand or -0.9% for the year.